Make Staying Home for the Holidays Festive this Year

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Make staying in feel oh-so-festive this year.

The perfect holiday home is in the details. If you get one takeaway from this i want you to know that a well pre-lit tree can be gorgeous and your guests will never know it’s faux.

I would describe my holiday home style as classic with a hint of modern. The lack of color throughout it – though – can be tricky to keep this time of the year. But i’m here to show you soft sage and light natural woods can be combined for the ultimate hygge holiday look.

Wow your guests without looking too cheesy with my top festive home decor tips below .

Having trouble deciding what size you should get for your Christmas tree?

If you’re working with a small space, pick a tall, narrow tree rather than a short, full one. The tree will have a small footprint and be able to fit into the room more easily. Here’s one i highly recommend that’s pre-lit and easy to put together. i’ve had it for two years.

There’s nothing like getting cozy under the Christmas tree with my family’s favorite cookies. After all, cozy comfort foods are the key this season. But choosing the right place to keep it can be challenging.

Where to place your Christmas tree. Your tree is the anchor of the room. Keep it in a space that’s easily accessible and uncluttered. A corner by a window is a great location but keep in mind you may need to rearrange furniture. That’s okay! Move things around and see what works for you. When in doubt, put some stuff away. I’m a strong believer in less is more.

Now let’s talk foyers, dining room table tops and accent pieces.

Because most of the pieces in my home are off white or muted, i add color and dimension by tossing in garland and other neutral green accents. I love the look this gives off because it’s still “zen” but offers a nice merry and bright vibe if you know what i mean. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite faux tree pieces here.

You don’t need glitter to glow. Make your home glow with sparkly metallic accents that will dress up even the most basic rooms. Offset your neutral palette and give your place character by mixing in a few metallic accent pieces with your natural woods for the ultimate pop.

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